Visit Flying Academy and we will reimburse your trip to the Czech Republic!

Flying Academy is now offering an opportunity for all future pilots to come and visit our bases from the Czech Republic for free!

If you decide to see our flight training centers from Prague or Brno, we will pay back the cost of the trip, in the maximum amount of 500 Euros. So feel free to pay us a visit and see with your own eyes what we have to offer and why we are the best choice for you.

During your time here, you will visit the training facilities, talk to the Flight Instructors and students, visit the hangar and the fleet, visit the accommodation facilities and even take an introductory flight.

Radim Olbrecht – Head of Training Flying Academy “As it’s a big decision for anyone, we believe it’s very important for a future pilot to experience the flight training organization before the start of the professional training. To facilitate the access first hand information, we will be paying the visit to anyone willing to see what we have to offer. As we are the most international flight training organization in the Czech Republic, we feel confident that an experience on the premises of Flying Academy will be an eye opening for anyone looking for a career in aviation.”

The travelling costs will be reimbursed with the start of any professional training from our portfolio.

For scheduling your visit, don’t hesitate to talk to one of our Flight Training Consultants via email , chat or on the  phone . We look forward to welcoming you in the Czech Republic and Flying Academy!