Special offer

Special Rate for Cessna 172 SP G1000 in KAJO

The unique Cessna 172SP G1000 is now available for rent in our KAJO base! Late Summer Special Hourly Rates are as followed:

  • Standard – $139
  • Block of 25 Hours – $134
  • Block of 50 Hours – $133
  • Block of 100 Hours – $130

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Subsidized iPad

We offer a subsidized iPad for all our students starting their flight training programs:

  • EASA ATPL Modular and EASA 0-ATPL with US experience
  • EASA ATPL Integrated
  • EASA 0-500 hours
  • FAA 0-CPL

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Time building from $ 82 / hour in our Miami base 

Rock-bottom offer for all students of Flying Academy:  

  • Aircraft rental from $ 82 / hour for > 101 hours Time Building packages
  • Fuel and perfect weather conditions included

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Cabin crew special offer

Cabin Crew special offer

Expand your aviation experience. Become an Airline pilot with the new Cabin Crew special offer with Flying Academy.

Join your colleagues form all over the world and enroll in the professional flight training that will be scheduled based on your roster.

Our unique price offer is available only for Cabin Crew members.

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Enrich your training for experience in the USA

Fly part of your 0-ATPL training in the USA and get the unique experience from a different environment.

You will get your Private Pilot License and fly Time building hours in the US, then the training continues in European base in Brno or Prague. 

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Cabin crew special offer

Visit our base, get reimbursed the travelling costs

Unique opportunity to visit our training bases in Europe (Brno, Prague) or in the USA (Miami)! We will reimburse you the travelling costs!

Get back up to 500 USD for the visit of our Miami base or 500 EUR for visit of the bases in Brno and Prague.

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