Flight training locations


Miami, FL USA

Our Miami base is located at Miami Executive Airport (ICAO code: KTMB).

Weather in Miami, Florida offers over 360 flying days.

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Los Angeles, CA USA

Our California base is located in Greater Los Angeles Area at Corona Municipal Airport (ICAO code: KAJO).

SoCal high volume inbound and outbound air traffic to and from Los Angeles International Airport, Long Beach Airport, LA/Ontario International Airport, John Wayne Airport, San Diego International Airport, Van Nuys Airport and many smaller airports that service general aviation will prepare you for your professional pilot career.

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“It was a life-time experience. My recommendation is that every student should go there!”
Bekim from Croatia

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In Europe we are located in Prague and Brno Czech Republic, and operate from the bases located at Prague Letnany International Airport (ICAO code: LKLT) and Brno Intrnational Airport (ICAO code: LKTB).

Czech Republic is the member state of the European Union.

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Do you know that you can combine flight training in Europe and in the US? Ask us how!


FLYING ACADEMY PILOT TRAINING ORGANIZATION runs ab-initio professional training programs according to the FAA and EASA regulations. Flying Academy has been certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and runs the training under the FAA Part 61&141 as well as it runs training under the regulations of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Part FCL.

The FAA training is done at the base in Miami, USA; meanwhile the EASA training is done at the bases in the Czech Republic. With Flying Academy, you can get the highest level of pilot education according to the FAA and EASA, moreover with emphasis on the DGCA requirements. As known, the super-regulator of civil aviation in India is being modelled according to the FAA.

If you choose the FAA or EASA training, we are ready to help you to achieve the best results during your training as well as once you complete the program! With Flying Academy, you can go for the FAA, EASA, and also convert to fully Indian licence, or go for all the three options!

We are proud to say that our alumni fly for airline companies all over the world. Our special program for Indian applicants complies the general requirements of the DGCA in terms of minimum required hours and training standards that will help you to join airlines in India and in the world.

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