Flight Experience Available Only in Flying Academy Miami, USA.

With opening of Flying Academy, Miami a lot of trainees, that were familiar with the European airspace only, got a great opportunity to travel across Atlantic and try a different training path under the FAA regulations in US aerospace. Flying Academy offering unbeatable training fees for Time Building packages, that will allow pilot with EASA license after agile conversion procedure to gain significant flight experience and get it accepted towards their EASA flight hours in Czech Republic upon their arrival back.

All the trainees that decided to get their Time Building done in USA are sharing their experience with pleasure and stating that this was one of the most reasonable choices they could have ever made.

Mr. Mohammadpour, young trainee who is pursuing the 0-ATPL training recently shared his excitement and explained how exactly USA made a significant difference for training:

“As a student pilot with experience only in uncontrolled airspace with very few traffic I decided to use the opportunity provided by Flying Academy to expand my knowledge in US.

Upon arriving to Miami the driver from Flying Academy was waiting for me and took me straight to the school accommodation, that is located in a nice big villa with swimming pool in a backyard. Flying Academy staff in Miami was as helpful as the one in Prague, so they assist me with literally everything from buying a sim card to ordering food.

The first flight took place after my license was certified by the FAA. After only five hours of introductory flight I was finally signed off to explore Florida. Tamiami Airport was an amazingly huge airport with hundreds of planes scattered around.

The first flights were quite challenging, considering the constant traffic, you had to be fully alert to get your voice to the controllers and it should be as abbreviated as possible, which took me few days to get adopted to it.

The adventure began, with the perfect weather in Miami it was almost possible to fly every day. So I would book a plane for five hours and the plane was mine for the whole day.  I would take off from Tamiami and request a flight following to my destination. And with there being no landing fee I would do a touch and go in any runway that came to my eyes.

Another great advantage was the prices which were considerably lower than in Czech Republic, and it allowed me to get a type rating on Piper which was way better than Cessna 152 I’m sure you can relate.

One of the most thrilling moments was when I was going to land in an international airport and I could see that an Airbus A320 was waiting for me to land!

In every airport there was a pilot lounge where you could chill and drink coffee and enjoy the treat which gave me feeling of being a commercial pilot specially when jet pilots were all over the place.

I would recommend this amazing experience for every student pilot, because it helped me to improve my communication immensely. Also I got to learn how to provide location report since there were many uncontrolled airports which didn’t have ATC and you had to co-ordinate yourself with other pilots using UNICOM frequency. I am not even mentioning how fast you can build the hours in such a weather and with help of such responsive and helpful staff members as Flying Academy’s ones.

I got to explore major cities in Florida such as Tampa and Orlando since every airport was providing a crew car which you could take for two hours free of charge. Flying over NASA and landing nearby and visiting the Kennedy space center was one of the greatest experiences”.


Flying Academy is happy to be the only training center that is offering FAA and EASA training with all its benefits and transition opportunities under one roof.


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