Theoretical course for ATPL – Airline Transportation Pilot License

ATPL is the highest level of aircraft pilot certification. ATPL course is meant for future airline pilots. ATPL certified pilots are authorized to act as Pilot-in-Command of an aircraft in any Airline.

Course entry requirements

  • Minimum age of 18 years
  • At least PPL(A) (Private Pilot License) holder
  • Sufficient level of knowledge of Mathematics and Physics
  • English language skills – ATO oral and written test


Act as pilot-in-command (Captain) or co-pilot (First Officer) in airplanes engaged in commercial air transportation.

The holder can exercise all the privileges of the holder of a PPL(A), a CPL(A) and an IR(A).

Ground training

The applicant has to go through ground training covering:

  • Air law and ATC procedures
  • Airframes & systems, electrics, power plant, emergency equipment
  • Instrumentation
  • Mass and balance
  • Performance
  • Flight planning & monitoring
  • Human performance & limitations
  • Meteorology
  • General navigation
  • Radio navigation
  • Operational procedures
  • Principles of flight
  • Communications

Examination – Theoretical

An applicant must demonstrate a level of knowledge appropriate to the privileges of the holder of a ATPL(A) in accordance with the requirements in Part – FCL.

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Change currency

DescriptionAmountUnit price EURTotal EUR
ATPL(A) Theory12 7602 760
Total EUR2 760

Training fees are covering the following items and services:

  • All training manuals
  • Access to the Learning Management System and EASA question bank
  • Ground school

*All training fees are bound to the actual exchange rates of the local currency of the Flying Academy base where the training or a part of the training is provided.


  • ATPL(A) – 650: course is intended for PPL(A) holders
Minimum time of ATPL (A) 650 course33 weeks – 651 hours
Consultation19 days for 7 hours
Introductory concentrationteach-in educational material handover
Continuous concentration2 days for 8 hours (stage-checks)
Final concentration2 days for 8 hours
Self-study range491 hours (33 weeks for 15 hours)
Time in the classroom160 hours

  • ATPL (A) – 450: holders of a CPL(A) or IR(A) may have the theoretical instruction hours reduced by 200 hours to 450 hours.
  • ATPL (A) – 300: holders of a CPL(A) and IR(A) may have the theoretical instruction hours reduced by 350 hours to 300 hours